Russian salad

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Cuisine: Piedmont
Cooking times: 30 minutes
Ingredients for 4 servings:
Carrots 100 g
Potatoes 100 g
Peas 100 g
Tuna in oil 100 g
Celery 100 g
Salt and Pepper as needed
Pasteurized egg yolks 40 g
Lemon juice 5 g
Extra virgin olive oil 200 g
Salt as needed
Put the yolks in a bowl with a tall rim and salt to your taste. Pour in the lemon juice and begin to beat the ingredients with an electric beater. While you are whipping the yolks pour in the extra virgin olive oil very slowly, you should always mix in the same direction until you get a dense and compact sauce.
Peel the vegetables and dice into cubes half a centimeter per side. Cook them separately in lightly salted water, drain when cooked and cool them in cold water. Pat dry with a cloth and pour into a container. Add the tuna in oil and the mayonnaise and mix well, add salt if necessary.

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